Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Get TOP Rankings With The Ultimate SEO Software

Have you ever heard of Blog Solution?

It has been one of the TOP Internet Marketing Software that "The BIG BOYS" use on the market today!


Powerful Blogging Software!

What it does and Why is it SO Effective?

Well, basically, it creates, updates, and maintains as many blogs as you want on as many different domains as you want. Set up is extremely fast while all updates are "automatically" handled on autopilot and once set up correctly, they'll run on their own.

Just imagine having 100 domains, each hosting 1,000 blogs, totaling 100,000 blogs, each of which will target specific keywords and can then get listed and ranked in the search engines for each in record time! TALK ABOUT CASH FLOW!

Dominate the Search Engines with Blogging Software!

How are BlogSolution users making money?

Adsense $$$
It's rare in with any blog and ping tool that a person gets many clicks to their blogs. Most of the time, mass bloggers use blogs to simply get other sites indexed. But not with BlogSolution! Search engines LOVE these blogs. Not only do they send hordes of spiders, they also send traffic. Our users are putting adsense directly on their blogs.

Affiliate $$$
Links to affiliate products/services can be placed directly on your blogs. BlogSolution can get your end affiliate sites indexed and ranked. You can even cloak your blogs so that when a surfer finds your blogs, they don't ever see them. They see your affiliate site!

Self Promotion $$$
Have your own products or services? The sky's the limit. BlogSolution can get your sites both spiders and surfers. Get your sites indexed, ranked and selling. There's nothing you can't do with this software.

Ultimate SEO Blogging Software!

How does The BlogSolution pays................

Adsense income.
Affiliate income.
Tens of thousands of indexed blogs.
Search engine spiders like you have NEVER seen (it's our secret ingredient).
Tens of thousands of one way back links to and sites you want.
Your new sites indexed FAST.
A system that flies under search engine radar, but profits from them.

Ultimate SEO Blogging Software!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Why You're Not Making Any Consistent Sales

It's because you aren't getting enough exposure. Basic Numbers -- Getting More Exposure = Getting More Sales. So, how do you go about getting better exposure? Well, I don't know about you, but what I do now is to DO what the Big Boys online are doing, and completely ignore what they are saying.

Have you ever noticed that when THEY release some new product or service, it's all of the sudden all over the web... I mean, from out of no where with a brand new site and offer, you find these guys in almost every marketing medium, yet in most cases, when you waste your money on their product, they are telling you to do some single thing and promising you the world if you do it... But wait a minute...

You were exposed to them in a wide variety of places, yet they are telling you that you only need to do this thing that they are selling... Odd isn't it?

Once I decided to do what they were doing instead of do what they were saying, my exposure jumped up to the exact same level of exposure they were getting... All that I needed to do was find out what tools they were using to promote their own sites, and then use those same tools (simple :-)

Dominate The Search Engines

Guess what?... I did it... I found the place where all of the gurus go for their personal marketing needs, in order to get the massive exposure to sell you and me some crappy little product or service that claims to be the cure-all of the century... lol, yet they are using someone elses software to promote that offer.

Click the link below and see for yourself the very tools that the internet elite are using::

Dominate The Search Engines

Monday, March 5, 2007

Why Isn't Your Website Making Enough Money?

Are you constantly wondering why your website isn't making any money? Sure - you can try and sell your own products or even promote other people's.

But one of the best ways to turn your website into a round-the-clock money machine is to join Google's AdSense program and start showing AdSense ads.

If you're doing this already then what I'm about to tell you has the potential to triple your earnings overnight.

A big claim? Yes, but I've just seen the videos that everyone is talking about - Michael Cheney's AdSense Videos.

Michael Cheney earns over $19,000 every month with AdSense and for the very first time he's actually comes clean and in exclusive videos shows you EXACTLY HOW HE DOES IT.

He goes through, in minute detail, exactly what to do and shows you with simple steps exactly what's involved. And after each video you also get a series of easy-to-follow actions that you go through to accomplish what was covered in the video - it's made really straightforward which means you can see the results on your
AdSense earnings very quickly.

Go to the site right now and check it out
for yourself:

Michael Cheney's AdSense Videos

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Super "FAST" Website Indexing

For the website publisher, getting your articles and other content into the search engines (so you can start making money fast) is often a challenge.

Although there are a number of solutions, most of them require some kind of work. And when you have a number of websites, this takes valuable hours of your day you could be spending on more profitable tasks.

One of the most popular shortcuts is the “Blog and ping” technique. This process works in 4 steps:

1. Build a search engine "spider trap" by creating a free blog on Blogger.com (they can't resist freshly updated content).

2. Grab a free account at MyYahoo.com.

3. Post links to the web pages you want spidered inside your blog.

4. Then, just call the search engine spiders to dinner by sending (or "pinging"), with the click of a button, the blog to your MyYahoo account.

All of this takes around 15 minutes or less to get any page you want into the search engines. Best of all, you didn’t have to spend hours writing anything.

But, even doing it manually, takes too much time when you have a lot pages.

Blogging Equalizer is a tool that automates this process. So, it allows you to potentially get thousands of pages into the search engines without any time-consuming or tedious work.

However, if you only have a single small website (and don’t intend to build anymore), then this tool may not be worth your time. You’re better off doing the technique manually.

On the other hand, if you are constantly creating new websites, getting this new tool is a no-brainer. Because it gets your websites off to the right start so they start making money a lot faster than they otherwise would.

This means you can quickly move onto the next site, instead of spending more time than you have to on the old ones.

For usability, Blogging Equalizer is a breeze to put into action. You just fill in your information and the software scours your website to uncover all of its pages. Then, you just click the “Blog Now” button.

There were no noticeable flaws and since it has been first put out, there’s already been a free upgrade.

A key advantage Blogging Equalizer has over other tools is that it has many features to make the software work as though a person is pushing the buttons.

This is important because it means the search engines and free blog host won’t think you’re a piece of software.

Simply put, Blogging Equalizer is a complete solution and a powerful tool to every website owner who’s always creating new sites.

With its power in your hands, you’ll increase your AdSense income and get traffic faster to boost your sales.

To pick-up your copy, visit:

Blogging Equalizer

FREE Targeted Links To Your Website In Days

Online press releases have only taken off in recent years. As a result, few people realize that they can be used for more than just attracting publicity.

They’re also powerful tools to pull-in visitors to your site and backlinks from being published on websites that syndicate press releases.

And with tens of thousands of websites (always looking for new content to add), you can bet that a gigantic amount of backlinks are possible when you hit the right topic.

Press Equalizer

Another key benefit of online press releases is that they allow you to capture top rankings in the search engines. This is because the search engines value pages on the online newswires, such as pr.com or prweb.com very highly.

So, when you post your press releases, you’re very likely to get ranked in many top search positions.

Press Equalizer is a software that gives you templates to create online press releases (specifically designed to pull in visitors and get search engine benefits) and then automatically submits your creations to dozens of free online newswires.

After using the software several times, I was very impressed with results. By hitting the right topic, then you can quickly accumulate hundreds of visitors and links.

Even less popular topics, provide at least some links and search engine benefits. The potential of being about to create press releases for all the keywords in a niche also hit me.

This is a simple way to be listed for practically all of the top terms in just about any market!
For these reasons, Press Equalizer gets my highest recommendation. You need to be certain that follow the directions in the bonus manual and the claims on the website are easily achievable with a good topic. But, no matter what, you’re certain to get a nice boost in links from the newswires alone.

Press Equalizer

No Software Needed?

Butterfly Marketing proves to be just as powerful in strategies then in the software itself. Below
you will find a student and customer of the course.

Butterfly Marketing Experiment

Michael Cheney of "Adsense Videos" applied the the
pre-launch strategies and affiliate tools and JV
strategies outlined in Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing Manuscript to the his launch.

Here is what Michael Cheney had to say about what
he learned in the Manuscript:


"Mike - first off I just want to say thank you so much!
The techniques I learned from Butterfly Marketing
played a BIG part in helping me make $63,249 in sales
in 24 hours!!

As I write this I'm still finding it hard to believe.
It seems a lifetime ago that the BFM package landed on
my doorstep and I started poring over it with my smile
getting larger and wider with each new insight as I
realized that as long as I APPLIED what I was learning
the principles were going to make something BIG happen!

Little did I know just HOW BIG it would be when I
launched AdSense Videos...

AdSense Videos - 33 Hours After Launch..

The site went live. My life changed forever - seriously
the results have been incredible Mike - we've grossed
over $200,000 in 7 days!! The site got an Alexa ranking
on Launch Day of 351!

AdSense Videos was ranked Number 1 on the ClickBank
Marketplace in the Marketing category just 4 days after
the Launch!

I've also been getting, on average, one new subscriber
every minute of every hour for the past SIX AND A HALF

So - What did I learn from you Mike and from Butterfly
Marketing? Where to start! I think one of the biggest
things was the step-by-step approach. Everything I
created for Affiliates, Joint Venture partners and for
people going through the videos themselves has been
step-by-step. I made everything as easy as I could and
'muppet-proof' as I like to call it!

I also realized that it's paying attention to the smaller
details BEFORE launch that really pay dividends AFTER the
Launch. And BOY am I seeing that!

You gave some absolute gems of advice in Butterfly
Marketing which have, without a shadow of a doubt,
contributed in a big way to the overall success of AdSense

Thanks again!

Michael Cheney"

You too can have the same results as Michael Cheney by
implementing the tactics and strategies outlined in Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing Manuscript.

Learn why people are saying that this report changed the
way marketing is done on the internet for good!

Butterfly Marketing Experiment

Sunday, February 11, 2007

TOP Rankings And SEO

What does "TOP" Rankings and Seo mean to you and your site?

Essentially, this means that Total Optimizer Pro will provide you with a complete blueprint of what you need to do to attain top 10 rankings for the keyword phrases most important for your business and your online success. Now don't be confused, to attain top rankings in nor nor will it ever be as simple as running some software on your site and calling it a day. We are certainly not making claims that simply running this software will launch you to the top of the rankings, nor should it. Total Optimizer pro will provide you with all the information you need to get the job done however how you alter the content on your site and how you secure the backlinks is up to you.

Get "TOP" Rankings Now

You understand your business and your visitors far better then any piece of software ever could and thus, you know the content that will convert them. We'll tell you what the toptimal keyword densities are, we'll tell you how many and what types of links you need to get, heck, we'll even help you find the most valuable links that your main competitors have and outline how those linsk are worded and how they're distributed among that various sites they're posted on - after that it's up to you go go out and get the job done.

Total Optimizer Pro serves two basic functions:

1. Shows you what your competitors are doing on their sites to attain top rankings, and

2. Shows you in detail what your competitors are doing in regards to offsite optimization (read: incoming links) to attain top rankings

Get "TOP" Rankings Now